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Highest rate of distracted driving crashes is among teens

A study from Michigan State University has resulted in some important data regarding teen drivers and distractions. It comes just in time for Teen Driver Safety Week, which is from Oct. 20 to 26. Parents in Georgia will want to make sure their teens understand the risk they run when driving distracted.

This study is unique in that it was able to monitor the actions of 3,400 teen drivers both inside and outside the vehicle. Previous studies relied on police crash reports to determine what happened prior to a crash whereas the MSU researchers could tell what distractions were most common and what distractions led to a crash.

Researchers broke down these distractions into more than 60 categories. Looking at objects external to the vehicle was the activity associated with the highest rate of car crashes. This was followed by intense cellphone use. This made up a large portion of the more than 60 categories with activities like talking on the phone, texting and web surfing.

More than any other age group, teens are the most likely to get distracted behind the wheel. In addition, teens see the highest rate of crashes arising from distracted driving.

Those who are involved in car accidents and who realize the other side was at fault may want to see a lawyer. With a personal injury lawyer, they may file a claim against that driver’s auto insurance company and be reimbursed for losses like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. In Georgia, plaintiffs can recover damages as long as they are less than 50% at fault.

A lawyer might hire investigators to prove the defendant’s guilt. Some cases of distracted driving can be hard to prove. Phone use may be proven, though, if investigators obtain the defendant’s phone records.