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Safety coalition aims to reduce traffic deaths to zero

Across Georgia and the rest of the U.S., 100 people die per day in traffic deaths. Because of this staggering number, which experts believe may continue to grow, the National Safety Council’s Road to Zero Coalition is taking steps to completely eliminate roadway fatalities.

The 675-member coalition, which includes members from large trucking companies, suppliers and trucking associations, released a report in April 2018 that outlined steps that can reduce the number of traffic deaths. The report states that by increasing seat belt usage, increasing the use of safety technology and improving access to trauma centers to more promptly treat victims, the number of deaths could be gradually reduced to zero.

Much of the report focused on the need for a culture change across the country that puts safety first. Distracted driving and driving under the influence are both completely preventable causes of traffic fatalities. Additionally, the report focused on addressing commercial driving-related fatalities. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has outlined several low-tech solutions that could reduce fatalities that occur with large trucks, including side underride guards.

Motor vehicle accidents cause thousands of injuries and deaths each year that result in medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. A lawyer could assemble a civil claim in order to help the victim or family members of the victim obtain compensation for their losses. Personal injury claims due to motor vehicle accidents generally must show that an at-fault driver was negligent. This can be done through witness interviews, traffic cameras, cell phone records and/or toxicology labs.