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May 2018 Archives

What patients should know about LASIK

Those who are losing their sight in Georgia and throughout America could turn to LASIK to help them increase their ability to see. There are side effects that patients should know about such as the possibility of losing their vision or losing it at night or other times of low light. In some cases, patients may still need to use glasses while reading or performing other tasks.

Escaping a drunk driving conviction begins with avoiding a charge

Like many people in Georgia, you like to unwind after a hard day’s work by having a few drinks with your co-workers, or one of your favorite activities might be going to the bar on the weekend with friends. While there is nothing wrong with having a good time, you could run into trouble the moment you get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. As you know, drunk driving can result in numerous consequences, including motor vehicle accidents and criminal charges.

Safety coalition aims to reduce traffic deaths to zero

Across Georgia and the rest of the U.S., 100 people die per day in traffic deaths. Because of this staggering number, which experts believe may continue to grow, the National Safety Council's Road to Zero Coalition is taking steps to completely eliminate roadway fatalities.

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