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Traffic accidents now eighth leading cause of death worldwide

Most Georgia drivers understand the importance of strong road safety regulations. Over the years, laws on speeding, drunk driving, seatbelts and child restraints have helped reduce deaths in the U.S. and worldwide. However, according to a new report by the World Health Organization, many low-income countries lack sufficient laws in these areas. As a result, traffic fatalities continue to rise.

Preparing for winter driving in Georgia

With the winter comes blizzards and icy, snowy or wet roads, even in some parts of Georgia. Drivers should therefore take the following tips into account and prepare their vehicles for these challenges. As a first step, they could have a mechanic check their vehicle's components, including the brakes, ignition, spark plugs and battery. The mechanic can also make sure that antifreeze levels are right and that the tires are properly inflated and free of wear.

Police auto accident reports plagued by incomplete data, says NSC

Georgia residents may know that the number of fatal car crashes is increasing. Yet it will be difficult for states to develop laws and regulations addressing the factors behind this increase, and the reason is simple: police reports come with severe limitations. A study from the National Safety Council shows that this is a nationwide issue.

Report finds link between accidents and always-connected workers

It may be more efficient for diligent workers in Georgia to stay connected with the main office or clients while on the road, but results from the 2018 Distracted Driving Report suggest that doing so may contribute to more accidents. Results from the report show a striking correlation between an increase in smartphone usage and the growing mobile workforce, referring to people who either stay connected outside of the office or do most of their work while on the road.

ICU and morgue visits could improve teen drivers' risk awareness

Teen drivers, in Georgia as in other states, are especially prone to distracted driving and other forms of negligence behind the wheel, and it seems that traditional drivers' education does little to affect their awareness of the risks involved. However, a supplemental program called the Texas Reality Education for Drivers program provides interactive, reality-based instruction that has been shown to increase teens' risk awareness.

Traffic roundabouts can help to reduce serious accidents

Drivers in Georgia may find that rural intersections can be especially risky for car accidents. Rural intersections are often managed with only stop signs, even those with 55 mph speed limits. This can lead to accidents that take place at high rates of speed, causing severe personal injuries and even fatalities. The likelihood and severity of these crashes can be exacerbated at night, in poor weather conditions or when brush and vegetation in the area obstruct visibility.

Drivers' lack of self-awareness regarding cellphone use

Many Georgia drivers find themselves using their cellphones while driving. The reason for this, according to a study, is because drivers lack self-awareness of the risks posed by the use of mobile devices while on the road; many drivers minimize the possible consequences to themselves and others on the road in general.

Distracted driving law goes into effect in Georgia

Lawmakers in Georgia have taken action to prevent distracted driving and increase road safety. The Hands-Free Georgia Act, which went into effect on July 1, authorizes police in the Peach State to ticket drivers who use hand-held cell phones or other electronic communication devices while behind the wheel. The law also prohibits motorists from watching or recording video, sending or receiving text messages and accessing social media while their vehicles are in motion. However, drivers are still permitted to use navigation functions.

Car accident compensation laws in Georgia

Summer is finally here, which means more Georgia drivers will be hitting the road to enjoy family barbecues, trips to the beach and vacations. Unfortunately, an increase in traffic often leads to an increase in car accidents. It's important to brush up on the state's car accident compensation laws.

Getting the facts after a car accident

Drivers in Georgia can face car accidents when they least expect it. Regardless of who is at fault for a collision, it can be important to take actions after a crash in order to protect oneself and preserve a record of the accident. After the drivers have stopped following the crash, they can gather critical information that can be essential in proving who is at fault.

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