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5 most dangerous roads near Thomaston

The areas near Thomaston and Griffin, Georgia contain some of the deadliest roads in the state. You may recognize some of these roads with the worst records. An analysis of motor vehicle accident fatality data from 2013 to 2015 identified a 0.98-mile section of Interstate 20 in Atlanta as the deadliest location. For that period, the interstate at mile point 44 had 5.1 fatal crashes per mile.

Interstate 75 deadly in multiple areas

Whenever you visit Atlanta, the traffic on Interstate 75 may challenge you the most. On a list of the deadliest 57 roads, I-75 appeared 11 times. You may have experienced one of those hazardous stretches firsthand when you traveled through Locust Grove. A 6.22-mile portion around mile point 26 produced eight fatal accidents during the period of study.

Trouble spots in Jonesboro and Macon

A 10-mile stretch of Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro was the scene of 15 fatal crashes. This amounted to a fatality rate of 1.47 per mile. Next time you travel to Macon from Thomaston, you should exercise caution on Pio Nono Avenue. Eight wrecks on that road killed 10 people.

Traffic hazards in West Point

Interstate 85 through West Point in a nearly 4-mile stretch around mile point 64 has a fatality rate of 1.28 per mile. Five accidents in that area killed five people.

Common causes of serious accidents

Inappropriate behaviors or bad weather contribute to many serious or deadly wrecks. <a href=””>Distracted driving</a> takes drivers’ eyes off of the road. Other drivers act recklessly by tailgating, speeding and failing to yield. Of the 427 fatal accidents recorded on the 57 deadliest roads in the state, 20 percent of them were caused by drunk drivers.

What has your experience been?

Do you agree with this list of dangerous roads in the area? Did you witness reckless driving while traveling on the interstates or local roads? When catastrophic accidents happen, the victims may want legal representation before communicating with an insurer. An attorney might tally the long-term costs of an injury victim and strive to obtain a settlement that recoups financial losses.