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Avoiding adverse drug events with 5 steps

Many Georgia residents use multiple prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and various supplements. It’s a nationwide trend; in fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians claims that four out of five adults take some kind of medicine every week. One-third of adults simultaneously take five or more medications. With this comes the risk for adverse drug events, which could accidentally lead to injury or death. Below are five tips to avoid any errors.

Adverse drug events can occur because of the simplest mistakes. For example, one might chew a non-chewable pill or cut pills without a doctor’s approval. That’s why the first tip is to use medication correctly. The second is for patients to know their dosage. Dosage levels differ for children and adults. They also vary with weight and height, so the third tip is to be honest about the former and to know the latter in metric units.

It’s the patient’s responsibility to give doctors a list of all the medications they take. Otherwise, doctors may, through no fault of their own, prescribe something that causes harmful interactions. Using the same pharmacy might help as well. Lastly, patients should always follow up with their doctors. Medical professionals can check to see not only if the drugs are effective but also if there are any side effects.

One may follow these tips and follow all the instructions that their doctor gives them and still be the victim of a medication error. In such cases, the doctor may have been at fault, and so the victim could file a medical malpractice claim to be compensated for damages such as the cost of medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering. Before moving forward, though, they may want a lawyer to evaluate the case. Legal representation could help with negotiations.