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Red light cameras improve safety, unpopular nonetheless

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has reported that 92.9% of drivers surveyed categorized running through a stoplight that was turning red as unacceptable. Still, 42.7% of those surveyed said they’d done it in the prior 30 days. Drivers in Georgia are aware that red light cameras can increase driver safety have on driving behavior, but many argue the devices are inaccurate or unfair.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says more than 800 people were killed nationwide due to running red lights in 2016, and most of the fatalities were bicyclists, pedestrians and others who were hit by a driver running a red light. The IIHS has also reported that the presence of red light cameras lowers the number of red light violations by roughly 40%. The managing director for AAA Government Relations and Traffic Safety Advocacy said that red light cameras improve safety and help law enforcement when properly implemented.

IIHS data shows that the number of red light running fatalities have been on the rise at the same time that the number of red light cameras is declining. Red light cameras were operational in 421 cities nationwide in July 2019; in 2012, there were red light camera programs in 533 cities. The number of fatalities related to running red lights has increased by 17% in the same time period. The declining number of cameras is not the only reason for the increase in fatalities, but the figures are strongly correlated.

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