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How to avoid a DUI during the holidays

Getting a DUI is a long and intensive process. Last year around the holiday season, former Husker defensive back Alfonzo Dennard, who is a native of Rochelle, faced arrest and DUI charges, to which he pleaded “no contest.”

While there are resources available if you find yourself on trial for driving under the influence, it would be best to avoid arrest in the first place. The best advice during this season, which is rampant with holiday parties, is to avoid drinking and driving. Here are some tips for resisting the temptation so that you can have a safe holiday season with your family:

Select a responsible designated driver

Ideally, someone in your party will choose not to drink during the party. That does not mean the person has one drink at the beginning of the party, it means that the person does not have a sip of alcohol. It is better to be safe than sorry. To make deciding easier, you and your friends can take turns. There are likely to be plenty of parties this time of year, so you can take turns being the designated driver.

Do not believe old wives’ tales

Everyone has tricks for staying under the legal limit. A lot of people think that if you only consume one alcoholic drink every hour, then you will be safe. The problem with this is that everyone’s body is different. If you consume mixed drinks, then you may not know precisely how much alcohol you have taken. Learn fact from fiction, so you can be well-informed.

Set up other arrangements

The best thing you can do is to make other plans than to drive back home. You can book a hotel room near the party you can walk to afterward. You can download Uber or Lyft onto your phone so that you have an easy way to get home. There are plenty of options, so there is no reason to get behind the wheel drunk.