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The increasing danger presented by driving while distracted

Georgia residents may find it interesting to learn that according to the National Safety Council, around nine people in the United States die every day, and approximately 100 others are injured in automobile accidents stemming from distracted driving.

There are a lot of sources of distractions for drivers. Cellphones, which are illegal to use while driving in many areas, are on the top of the list of distractions. There are other non-tech distractions that drivers face, including interacting with passengers, disciplining children, handling pets and eating while driving.

Many modern vehicles come equipped with touchscreens on the dashboard. Customers may love this technology and be reluctant to purchase a new vehicle that does not offer it. It is unlikely that automobile manufacturers are going to stop including this technology in new vehicles that they make.

Distracted driving is having an impact, at least financially, that is close to the impact caused by driving under the influence. Annually, car accidents caused by driving while under the influence cost society around $44 million. Those caused by driving while distracted cost $40 million.

People understand that driving while distracted is dangerous. Parents, school teachers and government agencies inculcate in young drivers the need to avoid distractions. Adults are also inundated with public service announcements and road signs warning of the dangers that come from driving while distracted. Still, studies show that close to 50% of drivers admit to using their cellphone while driving. Automobile companies may offer features in the future designed to make drivers more aware of their distracted driving.

Driving while distracted is dangerous for the person who is distracted and also pedestrians and other drivers. If a person is injured because another person is driving distracted, they may benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney. An attorney may be able to investigate the cause of the car accident and organize information such as medical bills, lost wages and other damages with the goal of helping their client seek compensation in court.