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Rear seat safety not as advanced as that of front seats

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in a study focusing on frontal crashes that injured rear-seat passengers, has found that rear-seat safety is lagging behind front seat safety, though not because of any defect. Rather, front seats have been getting so much attention that rear seats are now deemed the less safe of the two. Residents of Georgia may be wondering what can improve rear-seat safety.

The IIHS mentions several areas where safety is deficient. First, rear seat belts lack force limiters, which use webbing to diminish the force with which the belt tightens against the occupant. Second, rear seats do not come with forward and side curtain airbags. Some automakers are developing forward airbags, though.

The last issue, interestingly enough, has to do with front seats. The backs of many front seats tend to collapse in a car crash, sending the front-seat passenger headfirst into the rear-seat passenger. One such incident resulted in Audi having to pay a family nearly $125 million in damages.

Parents of young children should know, however, that rear seats are safer for children because the impact of a forward airbag may be too much for them. If they use rear-facing child seats, they should be familiar with the state laws regarding them.

Drivers can do all they can to stay safe and still get in a car accident because of the other driver’s negligence. Whether the driver was speeding or driving while distracted or drowsy, victims may be able to submit a claim against that person’s auto insurance company. By seeing a lawyer first, victims may learn if they are eligible for compensation and how much. They may leave every step to their attorney from the gathering of proof to the negotiating of a settlement.