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August 2019 Archives

Why Lyme disease is so tricky to identify

Lyme disease is a serious illness that can cause problems with joints, the heart and the nervous system. According to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, there are almost 300,000 people dealing with Lyme disease each year in America. Despite so many instances of the disease, it can be hard for one suffering from this illness to be diagnosed correctly. Georgia residents might like to know more about the difficulty of diagnosing Lyme disease.

Ineffective brakes could ground Georgia drivers

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance claims that it placed 1,667 commercial vehicles out of service during a surprise safety blitz earlier this year. Those vehicles were taken off the road for brake safety violations. Overall, that figure represented 16.1% of all trucks that were inspected in the United States during the May 15 event. Another 1,620 vehicles were inspected in Canada with 13.5% being taken out of service for similar violations.

When not to replace a child’s car seat after a collision

From your smartphone to your sunglasses, you have a few items you always take with you when you drive. Your most precious cargo, though, is your son or daughter. By always strapping your young passenger into a safety-rated car seat, you help keep your child safe. Following a collision, though, you may have to replace the car seat to ensure your son or daughter does not sustain a serious injury in a subsequent car crash. 

Rear seat safety not as advanced as that of front seats

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in a study focusing on frontal crashes that injured rear-seat passengers, has found that rear-seat safety is lagging behind front seat safety, though not because of any defect. Rather, front seats have been getting so much attention that rear seats are now deemed the less safe of the two. Residents of Georgia may be wondering what can improve rear-seat safety.

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