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How long does a divorce take in Georgia?

No one enters a marriage with the expectation that it will end. Many life changes happen that can lead to the breakdown of a marital relationship, such as financial strain, health problems and infidelity. Sometimes, the only approach to these situations is divorce.

Divorce can be a frightening undertaking and comes with numerous questions. If you find yourself considering this option, one thing you may wonder is how long a divorce takes in Georgia. The answer depends on many factors.

Waiting period

First, there is a mandatory waiting period of 30 days after serving papers to your spouse if you state the grounds as irretrievable breakdown. Even if you both agree on the divorce, you have to wait the full time before the court will finalize the papers. This period serves as a chance for couples to rethink their choice. If your grounds are something like long-term imprisonment of your spouse, the wait time does not apply.

Uncontested divorce

If your spouse agrees to get a divorce and does not argue against the terms, it is uncontested. These divorces can end within weeks after the waiting period is over, depending on the availability and speed of the court and your attorneys.

Contested divorce

Most couples do not have such an easy split. In fact, contention is usually a contributing factor to the decision to go separate ways. In the case where there is disagreement on the divorce or its terms, it is contested. Fighting can lead to the process lasting months or even years.

The more complex your case, such as if you have high-value assets, the longer it may take. However, you can take steps to make things go faster. You can try mediation or collaboration for certain areas, such as child custody, so as not to have to litigate every aspect of the divorce. Unfortunately, litigation is the only appropriate method under some circumstances.