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How much does a Georgia DUI affect auto insurance rates?

A conviction for driving under the influence brings with it sizable penalties for Georgia drivers, and these penalties collectively have the potential to upend numerous aspects of your life. In addition to potentially having to spend time behind bars, you may also face ignition interlock requirements, substance abuse treatment obligations and steep fines. You may, too, face other repercussions that do not come directly from a judge or jury.

For example, while the fines associated with a Georgia DUI are considerable, they may also make it increasingly difficult to pay for the jump in your auto insurance rates you can expect following a conviction. Once you receive a DUI, per, you become far more of a liability for insurers, so they will typically charge you significantly more for coverage than they would in the absence of a DUI.

So, how much of an auto insurance rate hike can you expect in the wake of a DUI conviction?

Insurance-related repercussions of a Georgia DUI

With a Georgia DUI on your driving record, you can anticipate your insurance rates will rise about 78 percent. Before a DUI conviction, the average Georgia driver can expect to pay about $1,815 annually for auto insurance. After a DUI conviction, meanwhile, the typical Georgia motorist has to pay about $3,226 annually for auto insurance, which is an increase of $1,411.

While you may find these figures troubling, some insurers may decide they do not want to extend coverage to you at all in the aftermath of a DUI. Should your insurer decide to cease covering you entirely, you can expect it will become even more difficult to find a company that will extend you coverage. Why? While some insurance providers hesitate to cover drivers with DUIs or other black marks on their records, some also think twice before offering coverage to someone another insurer already dropped.

In summary, the repercussions associated with a DUI are substantial, and they do not all come directly from the state’s criminal justice system. In other words, the true cost of a DUI may be far higher than you think.