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A look at what constitutes a never event

As the name implies, a never event is one that a patient in Georgia or any other state should never experience. The term has been around since 2001, and there are 29 events that are considered so egregious that they shouldn’t happen. These events are divided into seven categories, such as surgical, patient protection and device events. Examples of these events include operating on the wrong person or part of the body.

Patient protection events include discharging someone to anyone other than an authorized individual. They also include errors that lead to a patient attempting to end his or her own life or dying because he or she went missing. Product events include using a device incorrectly or using it to provide a patient with contaminated drugs. Other never events include a patient being treated by someone who is impersonating a doctor or other type of medical professional.

This is considered to be a criminal never event, and they can also occur if a patient is sexually or physically abused while in a health care setting. These are generally considered never events regardless of whether a patient is seriously injured or dies because of the abuse. The abduction of a minor or adult patient would also be considered a criminal event that a patient should never experience.

If a patient is injured for any reason, it could be an example of medical malpractice. Patients harmed because of negligence may be entitled to compensation or other forms of relief. This may make it possible to pay for additional medical bills incurred or other damages related to the mistake. Individuals may choose to settle their case outside of court or opt for a trial. An attorney may represent them in either scenario.