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Traffic roundabouts can help to reduce serious accidents

Drivers in Georgia may find that rural intersections can be especially risky for car accidents. Rural intersections are often managed with only stop signs, even those with 55 mph speed limits. This can lead to accidents that take place at high rates of speed, causing severe personal injuries and even fatalities. The likelihood and severity of these crashes can be exacerbated at night, in poor weather conditions or when brush and vegetation in the area obstruct visibility.

Many local and state traffic authorities seek to address this problem by installing traffic lights at intersections with frequent or dangerous crashes. While lights can significantly reduce the number of car accidents in a given location, they may do little to lessen the severity of those that do take place. Other traffic engineers are looking at roundabouts in order to increase safety and reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities where rural roads intersect. While traffic circles do not substantially reduce the number of crashes, they can have a major effect on limiting the number of injuries and fatalities that result.

Roundabouts force drivers to slow down as they approach intersections in comparison to timed lights or stop signs, which often cause drivers to speed up in order to outrun the light or oncoming traffic. In many cases, the construction of a roundabout may pay for itself in less than a year because of the reduced costs associated with serious injuries and fatalities at the location.

Negligent and dangerous drivers can cause serious car crashes that lead to severe injuries and even fatalities. People who have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s behavior can work with a personal injury lawyer. An accident victim could pursue compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.