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How patients can help avoid medical mistakes

When people go to a Georgia hospital or doctor’s office, they usually do not expect to experience a medical error. However, mistakes can happen in any part of the health care system and can involve a wide range of issues, from surgical errors to incorrect prescriptions to misdiagnoses. In fact, one out of every seven hospital patients with Medicare experience a medical error of some kind. These mistakes can vary widely in their level of severity, but they can have serious repercussions to patients.

There are a number of steps that people can take to reduce the risk of an unfortunate medical mistake. Patients can actively inform their providers about the medicines they take in order to avoid medication errors in case some of their prescriptions are not properly recorded. In addition, when patients bring their medicines in person, it can highlight any existing issues or contraindications between multiple medicines. Furthermore, while doctors’ handwriting may be infamous for its illegibility, being able to read and understand prescriptions is important. Pharmacists must be able to in order to dispense the correct dosage.

When having surgery, patients can openly discuss their upcoming procedures with doctors and surgeons. While surgical errors like wrong-site operations are rare, the consequences can be severe. These kinds of mistakes are completely preventable and open communication can help. In addition, choosing a hospital that is known for this kind of procedure or treatment can help people to ensure they are working with experts.

Medical errors can have serious consequences that lead to worsened conditions and other severe problems. Patients that have been harmed in such a fashion might want to discuss their situation with a medical malpractice attorney.