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Drivers’ lack of self-awareness regarding cellphone use

Many Georgia drivers find themselves using their cellphones while driving. The reason for this, according to a study, is because drivers lack self-awareness of the risks posed by the use of mobile devices while on the road; many drivers minimize the possible consequences to themselves and others on the road in general.

The study, conducted by researchers from two Australian universities, found that texting while driving increased the risk of car accidents by six times, while talking make an accident twice as likely. It also found that women were more likely than men to use their mobile device, and inexperienced and uninhibited drivers were more like to use their cellphones while driving than more experienced drivers. Other studies have pointed out that income also seems to play a role regarding the decision to use cellphones. In high-income countries, about 18 percent of drivers use their devices while driving, but in middle- and low-income countries, that number jumps to 31 percent.

In general, studies have found that while some people can limit their cellphone usage while driving, by either not using it at all or limited where they use it to intersections and other stops, many people cannot do this and make judgements that result in car accidents. While it is safer to just pull over to use the device and then begin driving again, many drivers overestimate their skills and continue driving. High-visibility campaigns against distracted driving and police present seem to offer a significant deterrent, however, to using cellphones while driving.

For people injured in accidents where the liable driver was distracted because they were using their cellphone, proof of this behavior might be used as evidence in a civil case for damages. For those injured victims, a personal injury lawyer might be a source of support when filing a claim, dealing with insurance companies and going to court if it becomes necessary.