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What patients should know about LASIK

Those who are losing their sight in Georgia and throughout America could turn to LASIK to help them increase their ability to see. There are side effects that patients should know about such as the possibility of losing their vision or losing it at night or other times of low light. In some cases, patients may still need to use glasses while reading or performing other tasks.

If a patient is farsighted, the impact of the procedure could slowly decrease as he or she gets older. Individuals who are considering LASIK should also be aware that there isn’t a lot of long-term data to study as part of the decision making process. This is because the laser used to perform it was only approved to be used in 1998. For some, the goal of the surgery is to achieve monovision, which allows one eye to work for viewing objects up close while the other works to see objects at a distance.

Patients are advised to use contacts first to see if they tolerate blurry vision in one eye at all times. When choosing a doctor to perform the surgery, be sure to talk to several to gauge how each one performs the surgery, what machine is used and how much experience a particular individual has performing it.

If a surgeon fails to take an action during a LASIK procedure or any other procedure, it could rise to the level of medical malpractice. The step that a surgeon failed to take would generally need to be one that a reasonable medical professional of his or her experience level would have taken. An attorney may review a case in an effort to help an individual obtain compensation in a malpractice case through a settlement or a jury award.