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How most highway fatalities occur

Highway fatalities are all too common in Georgia, as elsewhere in the U.S. Though safety features and systems are available that can reduce the risk for a fatality, such as seat belts and airbag systems, many do not take advantage of these or maintain them. The risk for death will also increase when commercial trucks, buses, and other large vehicles are involved.

One of the most common factors in highway fatalities is impaired driving. Alcohol, prescription drugs, and other drugs both legal and illegal can impair a driver’s judgment, reaction times, and other essential abilities. Even a moderate amount of alcohol can have a negative impact.

Distractions are another factor. Texting, surfing the web, tinkering with the radio, air conditioning, or infotainment system: all of these take a driver’s attention from the road. Even eating can prove to be distracting. Anger, especially when manifested in road rage, will up the chances of an accident because drivers will make irrational decisions.

Other issues, such as poor road design, are outside of a driver’s control. Design quirks like tight corners, blind intersections, and missing shoulders are sometimes unavoidable depending on the geography, but drivers must exercise caution all the same. They should also be aware that rain and snow can reduce their visibility and make the roads dangerously wet.

When a car accident leads to death, the family of the decedent will want to know if he or she was to blame. If not, the family may be able to accuse the other driver of negligence and request compensation from that driver’s auto insurance carrier. This means filing a wrongful death suit: An endeavor that may benefit from legal assistance. Accident attorneys might have an accident investigated by third-party experts and negotiate for a settlement once the proof of negligence has been gathered.