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March 2018 Archives

How most highway fatalities occur

Highway fatalities are all too common in Georgia, as elsewhere in the U.S. Though safety features and systems are available that can reduce the risk for a fatality, such as seat belts and airbag systems, many do not take advantage of these or maintain them. The risk for death will also increase when commercial trucks, buses, and other large vehicles are involved.

Drowsy drivers after daylight saving time

Drivers in Georgia know that daylight saving time means losing an hour of sleep. While they may not think this will impact their driving, it can. Drowsy driving is already considered a factor in 10 percent of all car crashes in the U.S., according to a traffic safety study by AAA, and it is especially common during this period of adjustment.

Governors recommend road safety changes

Georgia motorists might want to be concerned about a recent report from the National Governors Association. The report maintains that roadways in the United States are less safe than in years past and that the rate of improvements is poor compared to other developed nations. The nonpartisan agency is often used as a vehicle for policy makers to share ideas across state lines on a widespread range of issues.

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